Reach - Together in Mission Youth Leadership Booklet

“How do you implement evangelism into the DNA of your discipleship and create an evangelistic culture? By inspiring and equipping students to reach out to their own lost friends. Evangelism is not just ‘Taught’ but it’s ‘Caught’.

We as leaders need to model this and create movement where students are challenged to live out a worthy Cause, that is to be obedient to the Great Commission.” – Martin Garcia

Reach Presentation - Vision and Mission

Share the vision and mission of REACH with your local church with this PowerPoint resource.

30 Day Prayer Guide

Prayer is at the centre of every great evangelistic movement, and every movement is made up of everyday people.

Use this guide over the next 30 days to PRAY for someone you know who needs the hope of the GOSPEl.

Life in 6 Words App

Join our partnership with Dare 2 Share as we endeavour to reach 100k teenagers. One way to achieve this is through the ‘Life in 6 Words’ app (LI6W). Join the international group and be a part of our “Go Share Day” event.

Group Code: KZ23YR

“The Life in 6 Words app provides an interactive and engaging way to naturally initiate spiritual conversations. Use it to walk someone through a clear message of the Gospel and the hope found in Jesus Christ!” – Dare 2 Share Ministries


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